About us


ZebraVet is an Australian owned Veterinary wholesaler. For 20 years, we have supplied our valued customers with great quality disposables at exceptional prices. We specialise in providing a full range of generic disposable products, including all the well-known brands.

Our generics are produced by ISO 9001 accredited manufacturers. This means that they have attained an internationally recognised standard for the manufacture of human medical products.

We’re also honoured to be the exclusive distributor of the DePuy Synthes (a Johnson & Johnson Company) range of orthopaedic Veterinary implants, instruments and power tools, ensuring that these “Gold Standard” products are readily accessible and focused on a Veterinary exclusive market.

It is well worthwhile to check out our complete range of everyday Veterinary instruments. They are made to the highest standard and quality and are priced to be used in clinic.

At ZebraVet we know what it is like to run a business and so looking after our customers is paramount. That’s why our enthusiastic team are dedicated to assist you with your practice’s specific requirements. We have our knowledgeable representatives visiting all states and territories and an awesome and super friendly customer service team always on hand. We deliver Australia wide with warehouses in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

This year’s catalogue is a very special one as it marks the 20th year of ZebraVet in business and as you will see our product range continues to grow. We will continue to search the glove for products that will assist you in everyday practice.

We are also celebrating another milestone. For 10 years now we have been supplying our Kiwi mates at SVS Veterinary Wholesaler, New Zealand. We feel good about spreading the ZebraVet experience!

We would also love to offer you and your practice great products, significant savings and become your Veterinary disposable specialist.

After all at ZebraVet….our price is your profit.

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<p><strong>Victorian Office </strong>254 Governor Road Braeside VIC 3195</p>

Victorian Office 254 Governor Road Braeside VIC 3195

<p><strong>Queensland Office </strong>27 Sperling St Rocklea QLD 4106</p>

Queensland Office 27 Sperling St Rocklea QLD 4106

Our staff

Helen Roderick
Managing Director
Amanda Hannaford
National Operations Manager
Naveen Jain
National Inventory Manager/Warehouse Manager VIC
Brian Donnelly
Warehouse Manager QLD
Administration Office Manager
Office Manager VIC
Customer Service
Customer Service/DePuy Synthes Repair Service Coordinator
Customer Service
Administration Assistant
Administration/Customer Service
Sharon Nihot
Sales QLD
Anthony Condren
Sales QLD
Andrea Herd
Sales VIC
Kate Cremen
Sales VIC
Ann Roderick
Sales WA & DePuy Synthes Specialist
Kaye Hannan
Sales NSW
Alison Abbott
Sales TAS
Lynda Hauber
Sales SA & NT
Tim Mclntosh
DePuy Synthes Specialist
Assistant Warehouse Manager
QLD Warehouse
VIC Warehouse
We’re Doing Our Bit...
At ZebraVet we are trying to minimise our impact on the environment by making the most of our earths precious resources.
We are constantly striving to do this by increasing our communications and awareness on sustainable practises, to both our suppliers and customers, and by encouraging responsible environmental behaviour among our Team.
It is our aim to make sustainable development and sound environmental practice part of everyday ZebraVet. We have already begun by implementing some practical steps to ensure that we minimise the environmental impact associated with selling consumables -
  • Buy in bulk to reduce plastic packaging and transport emissions
  • Recycle and reuse any cartons that come through inwards goods for dispatching orders
  • Reuse any plastic shrink wrap or packing fill as padding for our customers’ orders
  • Recycle any card or paper that can’t be reused
  • Use electronic communication where possible, rather than printing
  • Use “chep” pallets which are collected and re-used
  • Recycle all toner cartridges
  • Have battery collection receptacles for used batteries and these get taken to a battery recycling location
  • We offer free-freight on larger orders as an incentive for clinics to avoid placing multiple smaller orders, saving on transport emissions....
......and we will continue to explore positive alternatives for our environment and move in a sustainable direction for our future.

Our Mission Statement

By nuturing our positive and respectful culture we will continue to provide the Veterinary Industry with innovative and diverse choices of consumable products with the highest standard of customer care.

Our Core Values

Our team is caring, respectful, positive and honest. We provide the Veterinary Industry with a wide choice of innovative and practical consumable products.  We have confidence in our ability to go above and beyond to provide solutions to our customers' needs with the highest standard of service.